LoRa Transceiver Module

LoRa Transceiver Module


Advanced Security, Low Power, High Performance LoRa Module
The eWBM eLR100-UL-00 SMD module based on Semtech SX1276 RF frontend + high-speed hardware crypto engine + Cortex M0

Type: eLR100-UL-00 (15x22x2,3mm)

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• Secure Key Management

  1. - Keys Compliant to LoRaWANTM : Device EUI, NetSKey, AppSKey, and Counters

  2. - Digital Security Keys : Device Unique Key for secure storage Platform Key for firmware protection

User Defined Key for user defined strategy
• Secure Boot – firmware Integrity checking
• Secure Storage
• Automated Smart Metering
• LoRa Smart Parking Sensor application,
• Street Parking System for Smart City
• Home/Building/Industrial Automation
• Wireless sensors
• Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
• Position Trackers
• IoT sensor applications