Goldengate 500 Security Key

Goldengate 500 Security Key


Phishing proof authentication without passwords by just using your finger. Fast and secure online login and protection against phishing, account takeover, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, malware and many other online attacks.

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The FIDO2 authenticator device uses a fingerprint sensor and a fingerprint recognition algorithm for FIDO authentication. The device comes in a handy and compact size of a USB type-A dongle in a hard-molded plastic body and metallic case cover. Depending on availability of web browsers, the device selects U2F or UAF automatically. The FIDO USB authenticator is powered by eWBM’s security SoC MS500. AES256 encryption. Plug & Play installation. World’s most secure fingerprint authenticator.

Security Key is now an option for standard login. Seamlessly support Windows Hello (Within an Azure AD).

FIDO2 security key is now an option for Windows Hello standard login in Windows 10.
You can register a security key and login to Microsoft accounts without password.

  • Strong hardware-based authentication.
    (eWBM’s own secure MCU)

  • No client software or drivers required.

  • Human factors considered ergonomic design.

  • Always on and accessible, and no battery required.

  • A matching metal alloy sleeve for safe carrying. (*Optional)

  • Supported OS: Windows and Mac OS

  • Secure Booting (Firmware integrity checking at boot)

  • Secure Storage for all critical data

  • Secure Key management (Device Unique Key, Platform Key, Device ID)

  • AES 256 Operation Mode: CBC / GCM

  • ECC Key pair gen, ECDSA, ECDH

  • HMAC-SHA256

  • High-speed TRNG (25Mbps)

  • 1024bit eFuse for Crypto keys

  • FIDO certificate

  • FIDO 1.1

  • Automatic select UAF or U2F

  • USB Type A Interface USB to PC

  • Fingerprint Sensor pixels 160 x 160

  • Battery is not required

  • 4 MB Internatl Flash memory, fully encrypted on hardware level

  • No cloud connection

  • 16 MB External OS-support Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOS

  • Operating temperature 0 C ~ 70 C (32 F ~ 158 F)

  • Storage temperature -40 C ~ 85 C (-40 F ~ 185 F)

  • Humidity rating 0% to 100% without condensation

  • FP Algorithm Precise Biometrics