eWBM Secure Sensor-to-Ethernet Module eSE100

eWBM Secure Sensor-to-Ethernet Module eSE100


The eWBM eSE100 (Secure Sensor-to-Ethernet module) provides a secured communication channel between sensors and any network servers. The module is powered by MS500, which is one of the most advanced security SoC's in the industry supporting the hardware-based security functions such as hardwired crypto engines, secure storage, and secure booting features. The module is pre-programmed with embedded SSL/TLS which is optimized to receive the full support from the MS500 hardware crypto engines.

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Security features

• Secure Key Management

- Device Unique Key
- Platform Key
- User Defined Key
- Session/App Key

• Secure Boot – firmware Integrity checking
• Secure Storage
• PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) support
• SSL/TLS socket connections
• TLS 1.2 client and server mode

Hardware crypto engines

• Symmetric Crypto engines

- AES 128/192/256 bits
- ARIA 128/192/256 for government requirement

• Asymmetric Crypto engines

- ECC up to 512 bit
- RSA up to 2048 bit

• Hash Accelerator – SHA1/SHA256 (50MB/sec)
• TRNG –True Random Number Generator (25 Mbps)
• HMAC (Hash-based MAC)
• Authentication Algorithms


• AES Encryption Mode: ECB, CBC, CTR

Module performance

• RAM usage : 5KB at peak
• Flash memory usage : 100KB for TLS
• TLS setup time : 523ms (Client hello to handshake)
• Act as server or client to any IP infrastructure
• Pre-programmed with Firmware and Certificates
• TLS is optimized for h/w accelerators in MS500
• Customizations of services and SDK are available
• Available for development including User Guide and related software tools


• Smart metering
• Lighting controls
• Smart Factory automation
• Secure sensors and actuators