Secure LoRa modules

Secure LoRa modules


Advanced Security, Low Power, High Performance LoRa Module
The eWBM LoRa module supports the largest number worldwide.

Enhanced Security

The Lora network provides additional security based on the HW Crypto Engines.
Supports Secure Boot for module device Integrity Assurance.

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• Secure Key Management

  1. - Keys Compliant to LoRaWANTM : Device EUI, NetSKey, AppSKey, and Counters

  2. - Digital Security Keys : Device Unique Key for secure storage Platform Key for firmware protection

User Defined Key for user defined strategy
• Secure Boot – firmware Integrity checking
• Secure Storage
• Automated Smart Metering
• LoRa Smart Parking Sensor application,
• Street Parking System for Smart City
• Home/Building/Industrial Automation
• Wireless sensors
• Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
• Position Trackers
• IoT sensor applications