ewbm - encryption in the dna

South Korean innovator eWBM worked almost one decade on their encryption processor before the official release. From early on GREATECH is an international sales and tech partner of the pioneer in the world of Internet of Things encryption. By integrating eWBM processors your system becomes highly secure from end-to-end.


Goldengate500 Security Key

Phishing proof authentication without passwords by just using your finger. Fast and secure online login and protection against phishing, account takeover, session hijacking, man-in-the-middle, malware and many other online attacks.


Secure LoRa modules

Advanced security, low power, high performance LoRa modules. The eWBM LoRa module supports the largest number of regions worldwide.


Secure Sensor-to-Ethernet module eSE100

The eSE100 (Secure Sensor-to-Ethernet module) provides a secured communication channel between sensors and any network servers. The module is powered by the eWBM MS500 encryption processor, which is one of the most advanced security SoC’s in the industry supporting hardware-based security functions such as hardwired crypto engines, secure storage, and secure booting features. The module is pre-programmed with embedded SSL/TLS which is optimised to receive the full support from the MS500 hardware crypto engines.