In June 2019 GT and UnityMedia officially announce their IoT partnership in Cologne, Germany. GT closely collaborates with three German startups for innovative Internet of Thing systems. Secufy, Theftex and CJN Technology are our partners and get award winning hardware from the GREATECH design and development team. Together we optimise supply chains and make the world more secure.


The Internet of Things projects are rocketing 🚀GREATECH has installations all over the globe, thanks to groundbreaking technologies like Sigfox and over 15 years of experience in hardware production and design. GREATECH also gave its first M2M (Machine to Machine) workshop in collaboration with Honeywell's daughter company TRIDIUM. These workshops will continue from now on at FACTORY CAMPUS in Düsseldorf, North-Rhine Westphalia.


GREATECH becomes the official German Channel Partner of Sigfox, the leading IoT ecosystem. Together with the renowned startup from France GREATECH organises the first German Sigfox Workshop. The first Sigfox compatible product from GREATECH, the SENSOCO Life Keeper, has been nominated for the Telematik Award 2017. In December 2017 GREATECH and MITSUBISHI begin their official partnership in the MITSUBISHIS new headquarter in Ratingen, Germany.


GREATECH launches its third brand: SENSOCO stands for Wireless Sensors & Co. that unites all wireless sensor products of the company. SENSOCO sensors are made in Germany and being shipped worldwide. They can be customised and connected to the Sigfox IoT ecosystem and standard protocols like Wireless M-Bus.


GREATECH has successfully established its wireless sensor and audio systems in the European market. The audio brand Audiofly is being redesigned and renamed to SYNCRONICE which became Synology Silver Partner in 2016. Syncronice founder Christoph Grundig won the PlusX Young Innovator Award.


The designs for wireless audio systems lead to first famous customers like Canton Loudspeaker and Geneva Sound Systems. GREATECH founded its own brand called Audiofly to sell the unique wireless audio systems to a broader audience.


GREATECH was founded on the 4th of June in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The first offices were located on the former Philips factory premises in Krefeld, Lynn. The company began its business with the distribution of high-end wireless components from Radiocrafts and Eleven Engineering. GREATECH also started its own product lines for wireless sensor applications.