Syncronice DX Mini

Syncronice DX Mini


SKAA compatible wireless audio receiver

Purely digital.

The Syncronice DX Mini is an ultra compact wireless receiver (24 x 69 x 83 mm) for your stereo system or active speakers. It connects automatically to any Syncronice transmitter. Any music and sound is being transmitted wirelessly, crystal clear and totally in sync from any audio source.

As simple as it gets.
The Syncronice DX Mini gets placed right behind your stereo system or active speakers. We did all the hard work, so you don’t have to worry about the installation. Just plug Syncronice DX Mini into a socket nearby, connect it to your audio equipment and listen to crystal clear sound in sync.

All good things go by four.
Syncronice features fully digital signal processing based on the most advanced wireless audio technology on this planet. Real wireless stereo sound without any cables between the first and second speaker requires more than one receiver. Each Syncronice system can connect four stereo receivers per transmitter, totally in sync.

Upgrade: Your freedom of choice.
You can create your own wireless audio system by mixing different Syncronice transmitters and receivers. All units are compatible. Every audio source, every stereo system and every speaker can be connected. Mix new components and upgrade the old. The choice is yours.

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